Nina, what a great experience I had for our first photo shoot together! Thank you for your comments and providing a great atmosphere!! I look forward to the next time!!

– Stevie

I was afraid I wasn’t going to get pictures I loved, but Nina caught so many beautiful poses. This was my first photoshoot and I definitely went in nervous, but she calmed my nerves quickly and we were chatting away in no time.

– Alyx

Nina is sweet and encouraging. She puts you totally at ease and the photoshoots just flow. She has a fabulous eye for composition and a good instinct for what her clients want to see. I love my photos with her and can’t wait to work together again!!

– Grace

Just received my photos from Pole Theatre USA, and I seriously cannot stop smiling – these make me SO HAPPY. My performance may have been far from perfect, but these photos are absolute perfection.

– Liz

Nina really knows what to capture to flatter her clients, especially for a movement based athletic/artistic shoot as she understands aerial and dance so well!

– Kaylie

I had the best time with Nina. A friend and I shared a shoot (both of our first ever), and Nina was super easy to work with. Being as experienced as she is with pole, she understood what we meant when we described the shots we hoped to get, and helped us with figuring out exactly how to achieve them. […] I am absolutely in love with the magic she created.

– Renee

Nina was consistently an excellent source of information – with her own dance experience, her perspective on how moves and holds could be tweaked to look even better was super helpful.

– Nurina

I believe that women are inherently badass when we follow our passions.

I work my camera (and a bit of magic) to capture the moments where that passion shines through.

I believe that you should look like yourself in your photos. I believe in laughing, because when you’re comfortable it shows.
And I believe in quick editing and quicker replies, so that you can get back to doing what you love instead of checking your inbox ten times a day.

I want you to have so much fun that you can’t wait to tell your friends about your shoot!



Studio Photography by Nina Reed

I currently only offer studio shoots when I can schedule at least 4 or more shoots back-to-back at a local pole or aerial studio. I can also bring my portable studio to your local pole, aerial, dance, or yoga studio – whether it’s in New Orleans or Norway!


Outdoor Photography by Nina Reed
If you’re looking for a more unique photo session, let’s head outside! I can pick a location based on the style you want, or we can go somewhere that holds special meaning to you.


Performance Photography by Nina Reed
I photograph pole, aerial, and dance shows around the world, and I would love to capture your next performance so that you can remember it long after the applause has faded.