Nina has an amazing ability to capture the right moment when your lines are beautiful and you look your best, even if you were busy dancing around.

– AJ

Nina, what a great experience I had for our first photo shoot together! Thank you for your comments and providing a great atmosphere!! I look forward to the next time!!

– Stevie

Nina is sweet and encouraging. She puts you totally at ease and photoshoots just flow. She has a fabulous eye for composition and a good instinct for what her clients want to see. I love my photos with her and can’t wait to work together on them again!!

– Grace

Just received my photos from Pole Theatre USA, and I seriously cannot stop smiling – these make me SO HAPPY. My performance may have been far from perfect, but these photos are absolute perfection.

– Liz

Nina really knows what to capture to flatter her clients, especially for a movement based athletic/artistic shoot as she understands aerial and dance so well!

– Kaylie

Nina was consistently an excellent source of information – with her own dance experience, her perspective on how moves and holds could be tweaked to look even better was super helpful.

– Nurina

You are passionate about your fitness, whether you prefer the artistic grace of flying through the air on a dance trapeze or the athletic strength of flowing on your yoga mat. You are no stranger to sore muscles, calluses, and bruises, and have long ago discovered the wonders of epsom salts and arnica gel.

You are proud of your accomplishments, celebrate progress in the studio no matter how small, and don’t understand how anyone could go back to running on a treadmill as their only workout when there’s so much fun to be had elsewhere.

As a pole-dancing, aerial arts-loving yogini who spends almost as much time on my own training as I do on photographing others, I get it. I only work with other fitness enthusiasts, so that I can provide you with the best possible experience, every step of the way.

You want professional photos because you want to see yourself at your very best, with lighting that highlights every muscle, and poses that show off both your skills and your personality.

You want professional photos because you are always looking for new ways to share your passion, and understand the power of great photography to inspire others, whether you are an instructor looking to update your profile or a student who’s growing your Instagram following.

And you want professional photos because one day you’ll be looking back at all the incredible things your body used to do, and you deserve more than screenshots from practice videos on your phone to remember it.

Working together, we will create photos that last long after the current social media platforms have disappeared. (Because how many photos did you leave behind to die along with Myspace?) I offer prints and wall art in a wide variety of sizes, and personalized albums that will become your favorite conversation starters as coffee table books.

I only take on two clients a week unless I am touring, and sessions generally book 3-4 weeks in advance. Contact me today so I can learn more about what you are looking for, and help you put together the perfect photography experience.