Gondola in Zermatt Matterhorn

Switzerland, february 2020

When the Ikon Pass announced they were adding Zermatt-Matterhorn to the pass for the 2019/2020 season, it took me no more than fifteen minutes to book flights to Switzerland. My husband talked one of his ski buddies and his girlfriend into joining us, and off we went on our first international ski trip. And through sheer luck, a couple whose engagement photos I had done in Boulder earlier decided to elope in Switzerland and join us on the trip. (You can see their elopement photos at the Matterhorn here.)

We stayed at Hotel Matthiol, one of the bougiest places I’ve ever stayed, and enjoyed every minute of the trip. It’s hard to say what I loved more—the charming village of Zermatt, the incredible views of one of the most famous mountains in the world, or the copious amounts of cheese I consumed in both liquid and solid forms. (If you can eat fondue in a heated igloo in the Swiss Alps, don’t pass it up.)