Performance Art Photography

I have 6 years of experience with performance art photography, capturing everything from pole competitions in Prague to aerial dance festivals in Boulder. I have built a reputation for my excellent timing and ability to capture both big tricks and subtle emotions on stage, and I love the challenge that comes with only having a split second to get the perfect shot.

I am based in Colorado, but love traveling to photograph events around the world. Whether you need a photographer for a local dance show or an international pole competition, I will create a custom quote based on your photography needs and budget. You can either pay a flat rate based on the time and coverage required, or I can create photography packages for each performer to order their own photos: this is a very popular option for student showcases, pole competitions, and other shows made up primarily of solo acts.

See what these performers have to say about my event photography, then contact me for more information.

Nina has been wonderful to work with, both for event photography and personal shoots. As a performer, I have come to trust her to capture me in my element, despite how quickly I know I flow from move to move. – Nurina 

Nina has an amazing ability to capture the right moment when your lines are beautiful and you look your best, even if you were busy dancing around. – AJ –

Previous Experience: Aerial Dance Festival 2015-17, Pole Theatre USA 2015-17, Pole Theatre World 2016, Pole Theatre Scandinavia 2016, PCS Championship 2015-18, Pole Expo 2014, Colorado Pole Championship 2013-17, Frequent Flyers Productions, Volare Variety, AERA, Dolls on Parade, Kaleidoscope Circus Arts, Miraas Circus Arts, Gravity Aerial Arts, Phantom Circus, and more.